I Have Just Watched “Welcome to New York!”

Welcome to New York 2014I Have Just Watched “Welcome to New York!”

And, I liked it a lot! Directed by Abel Ferrara and motivated by the Dominique Strauss Kahn affair, “Welcome to New York” is simply worth watching. I enjoy watching movies that are based on true stories and this was one of them. The content of sex in the movie was high and unwanted, and I personally believe that a few scenes would have been enough to show the sexually hunger that the hero had but overall, it was okay.
The story is based on an incident that happened during a visit to New York City, wherein Strauss Kahn was charged with sexual assault of a hotel maid. However, the court proved all assaults to be wrong and doubted the credibility of the maid. Although the movie is not exactly in the same context but it is similar to the real life story of Strauss Kahn. The main casts of the movie are:

  • Gerard Depardieu as Devereaux who is closely playing the character of the potential French presidential candidate Strauss Kahn.
  • Jacqueline Bisset as Simone who is acting as the wife of Devereaux.
  • Marie Moute as Sophie Devereaux and she is acting as Devereaux’s daughter.
  • Amy Ferguson as Renee
  • Drena De Niro as an executive assistant

This political thriller has given the best performances of Gerard. The movie begins with an essential half an hour sex scene wherein Devereaux and his friends delve themselves into booze, drugs, and all. Then, the hero assaults the maid as he is unable to control his sexual urges. Unlike the real life story of Strauss Kahn, in the movie Devereaux’s wife Simone works really hard to make her husband the President of the country. However, after the assault of the maid, Devereaux is charged for a case of rape and Simone is extremely distressed because of her husband’s behavior.

All this lands Devereaux in jail; Simone tries to secure him bail but in vain. So, the dream of a man for saving the world is not completed as he is unable to save himself. Abel Ferrara’s movies have always been provoking but we must admit that they are always fascinating too. He has portrayed unsympathetic characters in the movie really well. At times, it looks like the movie is falling apart all together as a few threads get a little misplaced but then Gerard has been in almost every scene of the movie and is holding the film together with sheer magnitude.

I admit that this movie is a little rough around the edges with the unwanted sex scenes in the beginning, but I still enjoyed their acting. Gerard, Bisset, and Marie have acted excellently and their hard-work can be seen in the movie. Gerard’s electric performance needs to be seen to be believed. The controversy with what it began long before its release was just a gimmick to block production. The uncompromising performance of both the masters is worth watching. I would recommend this movie as it’s a onetime watch and would give it a score of 7/10.

Flowers To Plant In My Garden!

I always wanted my garden to be filled with flowers all through the year so that it provides a cheerful and colorful garden scene. I believe that a beautiful garden can make your life engrossing and enjoyable as taking care of a garden is an interesting hobby to delve into. So, I select my plants in such a way that it makes my garden more colorful than the regular shades of green.

Although it is difficult to grow a single plant that blooms all through the year, but providing them with the required fertilizers in winters can make a lot of difference. These plants will then be able to produce the required energy and bloom healthy flowers even during the non-flowering seasons. If you too want to make your garden vibrant and lively then here is the list of flowers that you can try growing in your backyard. All these flowers bloom throughout the year and I prefer planting them in my garden:

Hibiscus: I usually grow the Hibiscus plant in the shade and provide it with the required amount of water and fertilizer. This helps in making them bloom year-around. Moreover, as these plants are available in various colors, this makes them one of my favorite flowers. Its protruding pistil adds to the beauty of the flower and makes my garden lively.
Blister Beetle Feeding on Hibiscus Flower

Orchids: I grow a large variety of orchids in my garden as most of these varieties bloom throughout the year. One of the most common varieties is the Phalaenopsis orchids that bloom the whole time.

Dicentra: These flowers usually grow in several shades and they make my garden extremely colorful. The shades of pink, white, and red match well with the green leaves and make my garden multicolored. However, you need to be careful while growing them as some varieties of Dicentra grows well in shade while others require a lot of sunlight.
Flowers Dicentra

African Violets: They grow best indoors as they do not need direct rays of the sun. To keep them blooming all year, I provide them with good fertilizers and water them regularly. These multi-colored flowers are available in a large variety of sizes including star-shaped flowers. So, these flowers make my garden unique.
African Violets

Asters: They produce daisy-like flowers in a variety of colors including red, pink, purple, white, and lavender. Successive plantings can ensure that I get blooming throughout the year.
Wild Flowers - Blue Asters

Penstemon: These are multi-colored flowers that bloom in the shades of red, pink, purple, blue, and white. They are available in various varieties and I usually grow the smaller varieties as the border of my garden and the taller ones in the back. These flowers attract a lot of hummingbirds, and thus make my garden dazzling.

In addition to the fertilizers, sunlight and water, climate too plays an important role for the blooming of these flowers. So, to ensure that my garden has year-round flowers, I grow plants that flower at different times of the year. Thus, my garden is blooming with flowers all year through and this makes it colorful and beautiful.

5 Movies That Inspired Me!

Some of us watch movies as a source of entertainment and to make our mind fresh and free of anxiety while others watch them to gain some inspiration. I am among those who enjoy watching selective movies that have a good story and some inspiration. So, if you too enjoy watching inspiring movies then check out these top 5 movies that motivated me the most:

Forrest Gump:
Forrest_GumpThe movie is based on a man who has a low IQ. However, he does not lose hope and rises above his challenges with a lot of courage, determination, and love. I like this movie a lot because it shows that determination is more important than intellectual ability. Moreover, the story even inspired me to devote myself completely when I take a life decision and accept life the way it is without cribbing.

Pursuit of Happyness:
imgThe pursuit of happyness4This is the story of a poor man who fulfils his dreams by overcoming all obstacles. By the end of the movie, he turns into a rich and prosperous man. This movie shows that with a lot of will power a person can achieve success in life. It even showcases the struggles that a man goes through in his life everyday and finally reaches his goals.

GandhiMovie-Still1This is my all-time favorite movie that is based on the true story of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi; a prominent Indian leader who fought for India’s freedom. Gandhiji believed in non-violence and without fighting at all he was able to bring freedom for India from the British. What could be more inspiring than making a county free from the rulers by using peaceful tactics? This story certainly provides hope and inspiration for the future generations.

Slumdog Millionaire:
Slumdog_millionaire_ver2This story revolves around a kid who lives in the slums, grows, and plays there and when he is big enough he gets a chance to play the popular television game, “Who wants to be a Millionaire.” This game changes his life completely and whether he answers all the questions correctly or not is worth watching. A truly inspiring movie for all.

mpw-54782If you want to learn something from life then you must watch this movie. I loved the relationship that parents, grandparents, and kids share in this story. The movie conveys that simplicity is beautiful and good deeds always lead to rewards. So, all of us should be good to others even if they have broken our heart.

I rarely find a movie that is inspiring and touchy but the aforesaid movies have really motivated me to do some good deeds in life. Most of these stories revolve around people who are down on their luck and with a lot of hard-work they reach their goals. They never lose hope and this is what makes them going. Once they reach the pinnacle their life changes completely and they achieve all those things which they had missed in their lives. Such stories have emotionally touched me and after watching them I can now face all challenges in life bravely.